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Foldable Shades | HME05856

Leather Cord Organizer | BAG08577

Travel Cord Organizer | BAG08578

Foldable Lunch Kit | BAG08475

Notebook with Enclosure (Small) | STA08427

Notepad with Post It and Pen Holder in Foldable Recycled Cube Case | STA08511

Notebook with Garter Enclosure ( Big) | STA08426

Leatherette Card Case (Small) | BAG08563

Insulated Tumbler | DRW08400

Collapsible Coffee Cup (350 ml) | DRW08544

Stainless Bottle | DRW08447

Generic Planner | STA08536


Notebook with Enclosure (Small) | STA08427

Notepad with Post It and Pen Holder in Foldable Recycled Cube Case | STA08511

Notebook with Garter Enclosure ( Big) | STA08426

Generic Planner | STA08536

Leather Notebook with metal enclosure | STA08537

Notebook w/ Leather Cover | STA08514

ELC05753 | Collapsible solar-charging lamp with water-tight compartment and power bank function

HME05769 | 6-piece shoe shine kit in leather barrel case

BAG08061 | 5 liter waterproof outdoor bag

CAR05608 | Digitire Gauge

DRW04149 | 30oz insulated tumbler with reusable ice cubes


STA08675 | Recycled Notebook with Pen

STA08644 | Cork Notebook with Post-it

STA08639 | Recycled Post-it with Ruler

STA08638 | Recycled Post-it w Ruler (spiral)

STA8264 | Recycled Notebook

STA4416 | Recycled Mini Notebook with Pen

STA04316 | Memopad Set

STA03886 | Recycled Notepad with Pen

STA03694 | Spiral Notebook with Pen & Post it

STA3512 | Recycled Notebook (small) with Pen

PEN08634 | Click Pen

PEN08633 | Pen with Laser Engraved

G I F T    C R E A T I V E L Y

a little gratitude goes a long way

Gratitude Gifts for Clients

Express your gratitude to your clients for their loyalty and support in another year of working together with gifts that are both useful and memorable.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

A business is only as successful as its team members make it to be. The gesture of giving gifts allows you show appreciation for their continued effort to realize the mission of the company.

Tokens for Events or Partners

Give unique gifts to your event guests that will make them remember your event fondly or to your community and business partners that will build goodwill for a more fruitful relationship.

Partner Brands

Branded gifts. Yours to personalize

We understand that you are always on the lookout for the most impactful and unique corporate gifts. Our commitment to helping you show appreciation has brought about these partnerships with respected brands, both local and global.

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