We provide well-curated gift concepts that help companies show appreciation and strengthen their relationships with clients, partners, and employees.

A creative partner

Purple Tag Gifts Co. believes that all gift-giving should be special. We help you find the gift that will tell your clients that you went out of your way to get something really special.

A dependable partner

We understand that you have budgets to adhere to so we offer you products that have good value for money and provide you with competitive quotes.

A competent partner

We offer you more than a decade of insight gained in serving the business community in the Philippines. We help you come up with a plan that works to get the results you desire.


These are just some of the companies that have trusted Purple Tag Gifts Co. with their corporate gift needs through the years. Partnerships we enjoy because we share the belief that showing appreciation as a business is important in paving the way for a more successful company–one that doesn’t only care about the bottom line but also the about the people around them. They have experienced our committed to making the gift-sourcing process easier through our high standards of quality and dependable service reliability.


Will you be the next to join this list? Let’s work on showing your appreciation in the best way possible.

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