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Knowing that there will be times you’ll be needing gifts or event tokens on short notice, we’ve prepared this selection of unique corporate gifts that can be delivered fast, with a low MOQ, but are still of high quality.

Notebook with Enclosure (Small) | STA08427

Notepad with Post It and Pen Holder in Foldable Recycled Cube Case | STA08511

Notebook with Garter Enclosure ( Big) | STA08426

Generic Planner | STA08536

Leather Notebook with metal enclosure | STA08537

Notebook w/ Leather Cover | STA08514

ELC05753 | Collapsible solar-charging lamp with water-tight compartment and power bank function

HME05769 | 6-piece shoe shine kit in leather barrel case

BAG08061 | 5 liter waterproof outdoor bag

CAR05608 | Digitire Gauge

DRW04149 | 30oz insulated tumbler with reusable ice cubes

HME04891 | Neck pillow with built-in massager and soft fleece cover

CAR03749 | Multifunction car emergency tool