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Unique corporate gifts for “foodies” or people who have an extraordinary enthusiasm for food. Excite them with these promotional gifts that go well with their passion.

HME09155 | Wooden Cheese Serving Platter

HME08724 | Cutlery Set in Katcha Pouch A set of aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly cutlery set you can bring anywhere.

BAG05833 | Portable cooler + chair combo with backpack straps

HME05844 | 5-piece barbecue tool set

HME05699 | Single felt wine carrier

HME05698 | Soft-touch single wine carrier

HME05534 | 5-piece wine tool set in bottle shaped container

HME08102 | Refrigerator magnet bottle opener

PTX03070 | 3-Compartment Tea Box

PTX03044 |4-Compartment Wooden Tea Box

PTX03482 | Coffee Set B

HME04536 | Stainless Lunch Box

HME04947 | Wooden Cheese Serving Platter

HME08980 | French Press (350ml) A cylindrical pot with a plunger and built-in filter screen that presses hot water through ground coffee: that’s the simple beauty of the French press, method of choice for many all over the world, creating an earthy, rich taste in the cup.

DRW04207 | 500ml glass bottle with fruit infuser

BAG04658 | Insulated Pouch