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Unique corporate gifts for techies that enjoy the latest innovations being present wherever they go. Satisfy their appetite for the latest gadgets with these promotional items.

MOB08405 | Power Box

ELC08791 | USB Powered LED Mosquito Killer

ELC08790 | USB Mosquito Killer

MOB08788 | Smart Universal Power Bank

MOB08805 | Universal Cable

MOB08463 | Universal Cable

CMP04322 | Universal Cable

ELC05942 | Mobile Connector with USB Type-C and Apple 8-Pin

CMP05984 | Mobile Connector with USB Type-C and Apple 8-Pin

CMP08621 | Cable Connector

MOB08733 | Tripod

ELC08611 | Health Bracelet

CMP08727 | Wireless Keyboard

Electronic Accessories Pouch Organizer | BAG8471

CMP08439 | Wireless Optical Mouse

MOB08459 | Selfie Ring Light and Monopod Set

MOB08406 | Smart Power Bank

MOB08444 | Power Bank

MOB08445 | Power Box

CAR08454 | Mobile Bracket

CMP08437 | Wired Optical Mouse

ELC08436 | Audio Camping Light

ELC08486 | World Travel Adoptor

MOB08442 | Mobile Holder