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Unique corporate gifts for emergency preparedness because you never know when one will happen. These promotional gifts show your clients how much you care about them by giving them gifts that help them stay safe and respond well to these unexpected situations.

HME08750 | Emergency Shelter

BAG08979 | Emergency Kit Bag

ELC08878 | Solar Camping Lantern

PTX08390 | Car Safety Hammer + Car Converter

TUL08186 | Personal emergency preparedness kit

TUL05659 | 3W LED Multi-tool Flashlight

BAG08061 | 5 liter waterproof outdoor bag

TUL08045 | Whistle Keychain with Stylus Tip

TUL04222 | Tool Kit with Flashlight

BAG04750 | Foldable Backpack with Detachable Pouch

TUL08052 | Flashlight w/ Magnet

BAG04585 | Emergency Grab Bag

ELC08056 | Mini Flashlight w/ Carabiner

CAR03749 | Multifunction car emergency tool