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Corporate gifts for frequent travelers. Useful and unique gifts for travel that delight any person with wanderlust or whose work often brings them to different places.

BAG03784 | Foldable Duffel Bag

HME05870 | 3-in-1 Travel Pouch

BAG08271 | Luggage Tag

HME05873 | Travel Sleeping Essentials in Zipper Bag

MOB08260 | Powerbank with Bulit In Connector

PTX08392 | Luggage Scale with Powerabank and Notepad

MOB08324 | 6800mAh power bank with built-in connector

BAG08325 | Shoe bag with separator

BAG08316 | Elastic bag fastener

BAG08315 | Foldable travel bag

CAR05853 | 6-slot felt car seat organizer

CAR05851 | 10-piece car emergency set

CAR05837 | Portable Air Compressor

BAG05832 | 6-piece Multi-purpose Travel Pouch Set

HME05845 | Portable padded sleeping bag

CAR05852 | Anti-slip mat for car dashboards

HME05839 | 4-piece essential travel accessory set

HME05813 | Touch-activated suction fan mosquito trap with soft night light function

BAG08182 | Soft leather travel pouch with snap button closure

MOB05678 | Wallet with 3000mAh power bank

BAG05746 | Leather travel necktie zipper case