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A wide range of customized bags, pouches, and holders that keep you conveniently organized for business, sports, or leisure activities. This collection business gifts balances functionality and aesthetics.

PTX05706 | Travel Accessory Set

BAG8071 |  Travel Waist Bag

BAG08185 | Soft leather check wallet with pen loop and card slots

BAG08181 | Soft leather pencil case with zipper and inside lining

BAG08182 | Soft leather travel pouch with snap button closure

MOB08092 | Business card holder with 2000mAh power bank

MOB05678 | Wallet with 3000mAh power bank

BAG08096 | Aluminum card case with push-out mechanism

BAG08117 | Aluminum card case with ornate designs

BAG08112 | Leather business portfolio with flap enclosure

BAG08111 | Business Portfolio Case

BAG05746 | Leather travel necktie zipper case

BAG05773 | Two-fold leather luggage tag with snap button

BAG05751 | Leather travel wallet

BAG05750 | Leather slot luggage tag

BAG05749 | Leather passport holder

BAG05748 | Leather eyeglass case

BAG05708 | Oxford Drawstring Bag

BAG05707 | Metallic drawstring bag

BAG08036 | 10 liter waterproof outdoor bag