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BAG08669 | Passport Holder with Pen Loop

Leatherette Card Case (Small) | BAG08563

Leatherette Card Case (Big) | BAG08564

Push Type Card Case | BAG08500

BAG08373 | Mobile Wallet Pouch

BAG08273 | Card Wallet

BAG05865 | Magnetic Card Holder with Money Clip

BAG05864 | Front Button Card Holder with RFID Blocking

BAG05863 | Side Button Card Holder with RFID Blocking

MOB08362 | Powerbank Wallet

MOB08092 | Business card holder with 2000mAh power bank

BAG08096 | Aluminum card case with push-out mechanism

BAG08117 | Aluminum card case with ornate designs

BAG04996 | 

BAG04848 | Card Pocket

BAG04001 | Dual Card Holder

BAG08004 | Metal Card Case

BAG03765 | Executive Card Case