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Take your clients’ digital experience to the next level by enhancing it with these promotional gifts. Give them added flexibility and increased productivity with unique corporate gifts from our range of computer accessories.

CMP09082 | Duster Pen

CMP09081 | Letter Opener with Brush and Screen Cleaner 

CMP09096 | Laptop Desk Mat  

Universal Foldable Laptop Stand | CMP09046

CMP09025 | Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set Drop the struggle of wires and switch up to this professional-looking mouse and keyboard.  

ELC09024 | Headset Clear audio for your movies, music or calls.

Headphone I MOB09023 A headphone with a microphone.

Universal Foldable Laptop Stand I CMP09028 This laptop stand can be adjusted to the angle and height you need.    

MOB08805 | Universal Cable

MOB08463 | Universal Cable

ELC05942 | Mobile Connector with USB Type-C and Apple 8-Pin

CMP05984 | Mobile Cable with USB Type-C and Apple 8-Pin

CMP08751 | 7 Port USB Hub Expand your computers connectivity with this 7-port USB hub with ON / OFF switch Designed with 7-ports, this compact USB 2.0 high-speed hub.

CMP08726 | Foldable Wireless Keyboard

CMP08727 | Wireless Keyboard

Sometimes your touch screen or built-in keyboard alone just won't cut it if you're typing all day long. That's why you need a wireless keyboard.
Wireless keyboards connect via Bluetooth to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or streaming device to help you type more comfortably. Plus, they're portable, ergonomic, and they don't take up as much space as traditional wired keyboards.

MOB05928 | Toho Powerbank

MOB05929 | Seoul Powerbank

CMP08623 | Computer Brush

Wireless Optical Mouse | MOB08438

Transform one port into ten. Recharge every one of your devices. Self-Powered 10-Port USB Data Hub uses its own 60W power supply.

CMP08512 | Laser Presenter in Velvet Pouch

CMP08513 | Laser Presenter

A wireless optical mouse is a convenient choice for many computer users. Wheeled mouse can collect dust, dirt and debris inside the wheel trap, causing the mouse to function improperly or not respond at all to movement. Optical mouse, on the other hand, use an LED (light-emitting diode) to sense mouse movement.

CMP08457 | USB Hub w/ Card Reader