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Take your clients’ digital experience to the next level by enhancing it with these promotional gifts. Give them added flexibility and increased productivity with unique corporate gifts from our range of computer accessories.

MOB08805 | Universal Cable

MOB08463 | Universal Cable

ELC05942 | Mobile Connector with USB Type-C and Apple 8-Pin

CMP05984 | Mobile Connector with USB Type-C and Apple 8-Pin

CMP08751 | 7 Port USB Hub

CMP08727 | Wireless Keyboard

MOB05928 | Toho Powerbank

MOB05929 | Seoul Powerbank

MOB05920 | Chili Suction Powerbank

MOB05947 | Cyprus Powerbank

A connector that can be converted and be used with any mobile device.

HME08610 | Stretchband/Cord

CMP08623 | Computer Brush

Wireless Optical Mouse | MOB08438

CMP08458 | 10 Port Usb Hub

CMP08512 | Laser Presenter in Velvet Pouch

CMP08513 | Laser Presenter in Gift Box

CMP08439 | Wireless Optical Mouse

MOB04983 | USB Hub

MOB08457 | USB Hub w/ Card Reader

CMP08437 | Wired Optical Mouse

CMP03758 | Custom Flash Drive

PTX08385 | USB3.0 Hub + Foldable MouseTransparent Mouse