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Take your clients’ digital experience to the next level by enhancing it with these promotional gifts. Give them added flexibility and increased productivity with unique corporate gifts from our range of computer accessories.

CMP03758 | Custom USB Flash Drive

PTX08385 | USB3.0 Hub + Foldable MouseTransparent Mouse

CMP05826 | Transparent ergonomic mouse

CMP05830 | USB Stick Drive

CMP05829 | Swivel flash drive

CMP08233 | 3-port USB hub

MOB08093 | 2500mAh power bank with detachable 4GB flash drive

CMP04330 | Pen-type mouse with laser presenter

CMP05745 | Silver-capped crystal USB flash drive with 3D engraved logo

CMP05744 | Wood-capped crystal USB flash drive with 3D engraved logo

CMP05743 | Black-capped crystal USB flash drive with 3D engraved logo

MOB05725 |  Aluminum foldable bluetooth keyboard

MOB05640 | 16GB OTG flash drive with lightning connector

MOB05639 | 16GB OTG flash drive with Micro USB, Lightning, USB Type-C connectors

MOB04865 | 8gb card-type OTG USB Drive

MOB04845 | 8GB Swivel OTG USB drive

CMP04876 | Highlighter w/ Computer Brush

CMP05632 | Copper-capped crystal USB flash drive

CMP05635 | Bamboo Swivel USB

CMP05634 | Swivel USB

CMP04437 | Portable Projector

CMP08010 | Laser Presenter