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A variety of customized flash drives for office and personal use. A promotional gift that will be appreciated because in the digital age, you can never have too much storage.

A connector that can be converted and be used with any mobile device.

CMP06820 | USB Cable

CMP03758 | Custom Flash Drive

CMP05830 | USB Stick Drive

CMP05829 | Swivel flash drive

MOB08093 | 2500mAh power bank with detachable 4GB flash drive

CMP05745 | Silver-capped crystal USB flash drive with 3D engraved logo

CMP05744 | Wood-capped crystal USB flash drive with 3D engraved logo

CMP05743 | Black-capped crystal USB flash drive with 3D engraved logo

MOB05640 | 16GB OTG flash drive with lightning connector

MOB05639 | 16GB OTG flash drive with Micro USB, Lightning, USB Type-C connectors

MOB04865 | 8gb card-type OTG Flash Drive

MOB04845 | 8GB Swivel OTG USB drive

CMP05635 | Bamboo Swivel Flash Drive

CMP05634 | Swivel Flash Drive

CMP05632 | Copper-capped crystal USB flash drive

CMP03757 | Flash Drive Card

CMP03759 | Flash Drive w/ Leather Enclosure

CMP08034 | Wooden Flash Drive Swivel

CMP05633 | Silver swivel USB flash drive

CMP05631 | Silver-capped crystal USB flash drive

CMP05546 |  Bubble Flash Drive

STA04864 | Organizer with Flash Drive Lock & Notebook Holder Set

MOB04855 | Card Holder w/ Power Bank & Swivel Flash Drive Set