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The right desk accessories not only liven up workspaces but improve workflows. These promotional gifts will always be present on your clients’ desks, it pays to have them look great!

DSK08692 | Plastic Pen Holder

DSK08640 | Card Case with Stylus Metal Pen Set

DSK08615 | Cellphone & Pen Holder w/ Memo Pad & Post-it

DSK08618 | Pen Holder & Paper Clip Box

DSK08616 | Sticky Notes with Paper Clip Holder

DSK08607 | Post-it, Ruler & Clips in Plastic Case

DSK08234 | Book Mark with Pen Holder

Notepad with Post It and Pen Holder in Foldable Recycled Cube Case | STA08511

DSK08493 | Leatherette Pen Holder w/ Clock

DSK08494 | Leatherette Mobile  Holder w/ Clock

MOB08370 | Mobile Stand

DSK08151 | Desk Organizer

DSK05787 | 4 USB Port Charging Dock

DSK08157 | Desk Organizer

DSK08152 | Desk organizer for pens

DSK08243 | Multi-function memo pad and desk organizer

DSK08234 | Multi-function book mark and pen holder

DSK08232 | Multi-function desk organizer

DSK8154 |  Pen Holder


WAT03911 | Desk Clock with Card Holder

DSK04331 | Leatherette Pen Holder w/ Clock

DSK04180 | Pen Holder with Analog Clock & Picture Frame