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Unique gadgets that are useful for a variety of daily activities. These corporate gift ideas are the most practical applications of technology to-date for the improvement of everyday life.

ELC04065 | Multifunctional phone stand with accessories

ELC08259 | Multifunctional speaker and flashlight

ELC08257 | Color-changing LED touch lamp with bluetooth speaker

ELC05775 | Round I-Tag

ELC08240 | Wireless speaker with selfie-stick design

ELC08239 | Musical flower pot speaker

ELC08098 | Rechargeable solar LED camping lantern with fan

ELC08018 | Battery-powered mini LED camping lantern

ELC08109 | Portable bluetooth sports speaker

MOB08094 | 2000mAh power bank with flash light

ELC05662 | Bluetooth speaker with 5000mAh power bank

ELC05753 | Collapsible solar-charging lamp with water-tight compartment and power bank function

ELC05692 | 2000mAh mushroom power bank with lamp

ELC05774 | Waterproof square smart tag tracker

ELC05646 | Rechargeable LED light keychain