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Unique gadgets that are useful for a variety of daily activities. These corporate gift ideas are the most practical applications of technology to-date for the improvement of everyday life.

HME09235 | Portable Air Purifier

ELC09000 | Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

HME08999 | Smart Bracelet

ELC09186 | Rechargeable LED Lamp

ELC09189 | Wireless Headset  

ELC09187 | Wireless Earbuds

ELC09188 | Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

HME09220 | Nano Mist Spray

CMP09117 | Laptop Air Cooler

ELC09073 | Extra Bass Headset

ELC09090 | Ring Light with Mobile Holder

HME09069 | Contactless Soap Dispenser

HME09072 | Wearable Air Purifier

HME09068 | Contactless Alcohol Dispenser

ELC09052 | USB Hexagon Socket A universal power socket extension where you can connect or charge multiple devices or appliances.

Solar Lighting System with Power Bank I ELC09047 A powerbank and flashlight in one useful for emergencies.

HME09032 | Contactless  Alcohol Sprayer Stay clean while avoiding contact with this alcohol sprayer suitable for home, office, restaurant or any establishments.

HME09027 | Portable USB Sterilizer

HME09030 | UV Multi-function Sterilizer

HME09029 | Portable UV Sterilizer

HME09012 | Air Purifier Revel in clean air within the comforts of your home or office with this compact air purifier.

ELC09026 | Multi Socket and USB Adopter A travel sized multi-functional adopter with six USB Port and three socket slots.

CMP09025 | Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set Drop the struggle of wires and switch up to this professional-looking mouse and keyboard.  

ELC09024 | Headset Clear audio for your movies, music or calls.