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Unique gadgets that are useful for a variety of daily activities. These corporate gift ideas are the most practical applications of technology to-date for the improvement of everyday life.

HME09032 | Contactless  Alcohol Sprayer

HME09027 | Portable USB Sterilizer

HME09030 | UV Multi-function Sterilizer

HME09029 | Portable UV Sterilizer

HME09017 | 3 in 1 Multi Charging Cable

HME09012 | Air Purifier

ELC09026 | Multi Socket and USB Adopter

CMP09025 | Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set

HME09024 | Headset

ELC09004 | Gadget Stand with Mushroom Type Lamp and USB Hub

HME09011 | Foldable LED Light

HME09015 | Mobile Smart Mask Air Purifier

HME09014 | Humidifier with LED Light and Fan

ELC04287 | Item Finder

MOB05991 | Braxten Powerbank

ELC08808 | Handheld USB Fan

MOB08753 | Power Bank with Leatherette Cover and Built-In Cables

ELC08499 | Electronic Luggage Scale

ELC08793 | Portable Hanging Lamp

ELC08790 | USB Mosquito Killer

ELC08789 | LED Strong Flashlight

ELC08611 | Health Bracelet

MOB05946 | Bern Wireless Powerbank

MOB05947 | Cyprus Powerbank