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A collection of customized adaptors that are great as promotional gifts. Give your clients peace of mind with a unique corporate gift they can easily bring along with them that also makes their lives easier.

Gadget Stand with Mushroom Type Lamp and USB Hub I ELC09004 A simple yet clean-looking lamp that also functions as organizer and powerbank for your smartphones or tablet PC's.

ELC08716 | USB Power Adapter

ELC08649 | Square Travel Adaptor

ELC08486 | World Travel Adoptor

ELC05644 | Universal Travel Adaptor with 3000 mAh Power Bank

ELC05643 | Universal travel adaptor with built-in car charger

PTX04601 | Travel Set 1

ELC02931 | 5-in-1 Universal travel adaptor

ELC04993 | Universal travel adaptor with 2 USB ports