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Fill your client’s hearts with your appreciation and gratitude by satisfying their appetite with unique corporate gifts containing delicious and high-quality food.

PTX05818 | Gourmet coffee set

HME08256 | 6-piece tea set with infuser for loose leaf teas

HME08255 | 5-piece tea set

FUD04952 | TWG 2-compartment Tea Box

FUD04834 | TWG Loose Tea Pack (100g)

FUD04833 | TWG Iced Tea

FUD04832 | TWG 2.5g Tea x 15pcs

HME05624 | 5 pc Wine Accessory Gift Box

HME05623 | 3 pc Wine Accessory Gift Box

PTX03482 | Coffee Set B

PTX03070 | 3-Compartment Tea Box

PTX03616 | Chocolate and Red Wine Set

PTX03044 | Wooden Tea Box PU Accent w/ Twinnings Tea

PTX04582 | Malagos Chocolate and Jar Set

PTX04229 | Chocolate Wine Set