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Home is our sanctuary from the intense activity we face everyday. These unique corporate gifts allow your clients to enjoy the good life surrounded by things that bring maximum comfort and satisfaction.

HME09235 | Portable Air Purifier

HME09233 | Wooden Desk Organizer

HME09230 | Wooden Cheese Plate and Knives Set

HME09222 | Wooden Gadget Stand

HME09204 | Serving Tray

HME09161 | Wooden Tablet/Phone Stand

HME09168 | Wooden Mobile Stand with Key Ring

HME09169 | Wooden Mobile Stand with Key Ring

HME09164 | Wooden Laptop Stand

HME09163 | Wooden Laptop Stand

HME09167 | Wooden Laptop Stand (with die cut)

HME09165 | Wooden Tablet / Laptop Stand

HME09166 | Adjustable Wooden Mobile / Tablet Stand

HME09155 | Wooden Cheese Serving Platter

HME04947 | Wooden Cheese Serving Platter

HME09157 | Wooden Cheese Plate (with Die cut) Size: 5.5" x 12.3"

HME09158 | Round Wooden Cheese Plate

HME09205 | Kitchen Cutlery Set

HME09181 | Sanitizing Bottle in Leatherette Pouch | Capacity: 50ml

HME09203 | First Aid Kit | Components: Triangular Bandage, PBT Bandage, Sterile Gauze Pad, Medical Tape, Alcohol Pad, Band Aid, Safety Pins, Tweezer and Scissors

HME09202 | Lunch Box

HME09191 | Continuous Spray Bottle | Capacity: 200ml

HME09190 | Continuous Spray Bottle | Capacity: 300ml

HME09144 | Cutlery Set in Acrylic Case