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Home is our sanctuary from the intense activity we face everyday. These unique corporate gifts allow your clients to enjoy the good life surrounded by things that bring maximum comfort and satisfaction.

HME09144 | Cutlery Set in Acrylic Case

HME09143 | Cutlery Set in Bamboo Cylindrical Case

HME08985 | Cutlery and Metal Straw Set with Brush

HME08995 | Foldable Cutlery Set in Wheat Straw Material

HME09086 | Cutlery Set in Wheat Straw Material

HME09085 | Rectangular Pillow with Pillow Cover

HME09076 | Measuring Spoon with Clip

HME09075 | Ceramic Coffee Grinder with Canister Set

HME09074 | French Press (600ml)

MOB09048 I Adjustable Mobile Stand Make your movie watching or binge reading convenient. The mobile stand is suitable for phones and tablet PC's.

HME09043 I 30ml Sanitizing Bottle with Leatherette Pouch A travel-sized disinfectant you can attach to your bag and bring everywhere.

HME09039 I 30ml Sanitizing Bottle with Leatherette Bottle Strap  

HME09027 | Portable USB Sterilizer

HME09030 | UV Multi-function Sterilizer

HME09029 | Portable UV Sterilizer

HME09010 | Foldable Laptop Table Work and comfort may seem impossible but it can be achievable. Work comfortably in your chosen workspace with this foldable laptop table.

HME09014 | Humidifier with LED Light and Fan Humidifier, light, and fan all rolled into one functional travel-sized device.

HME08619 | 6 pcs. Apple Shape Coaster

HME08613 | Coaster

HME08724 | Cutlery Set in Katcha Pouch A set of aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly cutlery set you can bring anywhere.

ELC08791 | USB Powered LED Mosquito Killer Protect yourself from mosquito bites with this simple yet functional LED mosquito killer.

ELC08790 | USB Mosquito Killer Never let a mosquito bite you with this clean-looking mosquito killer.

HME08747 | Bamboo Cutlery Set and Straw in Katcha Pouch

HME08715 | Cutlery Set in Black Pouch Cut the use of plastic and utensils and bring your own. This cutlery set with a pouch will surely do the trick.