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Home is our sanctuary from the intense activity we face everyday. These unique corporate gifts allow your clients to enjoy the good life surrounded by things that bring maximum comfort and satisfaction.

HME05854 | 18-piece barbecue tool set

HME05844 | 5-piece barbecue tool set

HME05838 | Electric pepper mill

HME08256 | 6-piece tea set with infuser for loose leaf teas

HME08255 | 5-piece tea set

HME08254 | Multifunctional travel pillow

HME05784 | Home air purified

HME08236 | Portable stainless steel lunch box

HME08235 | Durable stainless steel lunch box

HME05813 | Touch-activated suction fan mosquito trap with soft night light function

HME08106 | 2-compartment food container with matching tumbler

HME05805 | Portable personal humidifier 

HME05804 | Compact dryer with hanger and shoe dryer attachments

HME05803 | Compact dryer with hanger attachment

HME05815 | Touch-activated desk fan

HME05810 | Leak-proof portable personal ultrasonic aroma diffuser and humidifier

HME05809 | Leak-proof portable personal humidifier 

HME05808 | Portable personal humidifier 

HME05807 | Portable personal humidifier

HME05806 | Portable personal humidifier

HME057604-person picnic set in custom backpack

HME05759 | 2-person picnic set in custom backpack

HME05758 | 4-person picnic set in custom backpack

HME05757 | Foldable fleece blanket with undercover zipper closure and handle