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Home is our sanctuary from the intense activity we face everyday. These unique corporate gifts allow your clients to enjoy the good life surrounded by things that bring maximum comfort and satisfaction.

HME09014 | Humidifier with LED Light and Fan

HME08619 | 6 pcs. Apple Shape Coaster

HME08613 | Coaster

HME08724 | Cutlery Set in Katcha Pouch w/ Carabiner

ELC08791 | USB Powered LED Mosquito Killer

ELC08790 | USB Mosquito Killer

HME08747 | Bamboo Cutlery Set and Straw in Katcha Pouch

HME08715 | Cutlery Set in Black Pouch

HME08749 | Magic Cube Humidifier and Fan

ELC08752 | Mini Portable Fan

ELC08736 | USB Fan

HME08748 | Bamboo Straw and Brush with Katcha Pouch

HME08746 | Bamboo Knife, Spoon, and Fork in Katcha Pouch

HME08531 | Metal Straw with Pouch

HME08687 | Spoon and Fork with Metal Straw Set

HME8686 | Complete Cuttlery Set with Metal Straw

HME08614 | Fresh Food Container

HME08608 | Metal Straw Set in Velvet Pouch

ELC08549 Mini Blower Fan

HME08538 | Water Proof Shoe Cover

HME08452 | Wine Flask w/ Leather Casing

HME08453 | Wine Flask

HME08497 | Aroma Diffuser and Night Lamp

HME05870 | 3-in-1 Travel Pouch