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Customized pillows in different shapes, sizes, and styles that have a variety of additional functionalities. Promotional items that your clients will take along with them on trips and that will give them hours of comfort.

HME05870 | 3-in-1 Travel Pouch

HME05873 | Travel Sleeping Essentials in Zipper Bag

CLO08303 l Ready Made Neck Pillow

HME05839 | 4-piece essential travel accessory set

HME08254 | Multifunctional travel pillow

HME04890 | Memory Foam

HME04157 | Multi-Function Pillow

HME01413 | Foldable Mat Pillow

HME04597 | Spandex Microbead Neck Pillow

HME04616 | Neck pillow that converts into a fleece blanket

HME04891 | Neck pillow with built-in massager and soft fleece cover