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Unique corporate gifts that maximize the potential of smartphones. Useful promotional items for an age where our mobile devices have become extensions of our bodies. We whip them out for a variety of reasons: to communicate, to help us perform a task, to navigate, to take down notes, etc.

MOB08673 | Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

MOB08492 | Monopad

MOB08461 | Wireless Speaker with Selfie Stick

MOB08404 | Power Bank Wallet

DSK05791 | Wooden Multiple Gadget Dock

DSK05788 | 6 Device Gadget Stand

MOB08515 | Travel Organizer with Power Bank

MOB08625 | 3-in-1 OTG USB

MOB08620 | Mobile Connector

PEN08632 | Pen with Stylus

PEN08631 | Pen with Stylus, Mobile Holder & Led Light

MOB08642 | Mobile Holder

DSK03891 | Screen Cleaner & Mobile Holder

DSK03888 | Mobile Stand

Mosaic Powerbank | MOB08347

MOB08443 | Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Earbuds with Case | ELC08542

ELC08541 | Smart Bracelet

MOB08459 | Selfie Ring Light and Monopod Set

MOB08482 | Insert Binder Power Bank

MOB08555 | Powerbank with Cable

MOB08556 | Smart Powerbank

MOB08406 | Smart Power Bank

MOB08444 | Power Bank