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Unique corporate gifts that maximize the potential of smartphones. Useful promotional items for an age where our mobile devices have become extensions of our bodies. We whip them out for a variety of reasons: to communicate, to help us perform a task, to navigate, to take down notes, etc.

MOB04867 | Leatherette Ring Bind Notebook with Power Bank & USB

CAR08376 | Car Converter

BAG08174 | Charger Rolls

BAG08167 | Tablet Case

BAG08144 | Tablet Sleeve

MOB08347 | Dual USB 5000mAh Powerbank

ELC05862 | Wood Finish Bluetooth Speaker

PTX08386 | Gadget Dock and Roan Charging Cable Set

MOB08206 | Passport Holder with Powerbank

CAR08359 | Car Converter

DSK05789 | Bamboo Charging Station

MOB08375 | Slim Type Powerbank

MOB08370 | Mobile Stand

MOB08362 | Powerbank Wallet

MOB08242 | Mirror Powerbank

MOB05866 Fabric | 15,000mAh Power Bank

DSK05787 | 4 USB Port Charging Dock

CMP05869 | 4 Port USB Hub 3.0

MOB08260 | Powerbank with Bulit In Connector

MOB08324 | 6800mAh power bank with built-in connector

MOB08340 | Comfortable cloth mobile phone grip with stand

MOB05835 | 10,000mAh 3-port metallic finish power bank

ELC04065 | Multifunctional phone stand with accessories

MOB08189 | Slim power bank