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While it is our mission to provide you with well-curated gift options we take it a step further by conceptualizing stunning gift sets that will be great corporate gifts that your intended recipients will surely swoon over.

Contains a journal and a seed pen that functions as pencil and could be planted and a crazy coaster.

PTX08678 | Powerbank, Card Case, Notebook and Pen Set

PTX08677 | Power Bank, USB and Pen Set

PTX08685 | Digital Luggage Scale, Num Lock and Item Finder Set

PTX08680 | Manual Coffee Grinder, Ceramic Tumbler and  Civet Coffee Set

PTX08679 | Coffee Press, Ceramic Tumbler and Coffee Set

PTX08580 | Coffee Press and Tea Cup Set

PTX04946 | 4-compartment Tea Box

PTX05705 | Soft Touch Mobile Accessory Set

PTX05704 | Soft Touch Executive Travel Set

PTX05703 | Notebook, Pen, & Cardholder w/ Power Bank Set