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Handy tools that give you unparalleled convenience and functionality. Useful promotional gifts that allow your clients to be ready for whatever life throws at them.

ELC08259 | Multifunctional speaker and flashlight

ELC05775 | Round I-Tag

CAR08238 | Adjustable beverage or bottle holder for cars

CAR08237 | Rearview mirror video recorder

TUL08186 | Personal emergency preparedness kit

PEN08118 | Flashlight pen with whistle and neck cord

TUL05764 | Tool Set

TUL05738 | 34-piece deluxe tool set

TUL05718 | 19-piece tool set in leather jacket

TUL05717 | 20-piece tool set in leather jacket

TUL05739 | 24-piece deluxe tool set

HME08102 | Refrigerator magnet bottle opener

CAR05765 | Early warning device tool set

TUL05659 | 3W LED Multi-tool Flashlight

TUL04875 | Whistle w/ Led Light & Carabiner

TUL05609 | Emergency Multi Tool

CAR05606 | 7-n-1 Tire Checker