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A shortlist of corporate gift ideas that can beat the holiday rush and can be delivered in time for Christmas.

STA08675 | Recycled Notebook with Pen

STA08644 | Cork Notebook with Post-it

STA08639 | Recycled Post-it with Ruler

STA08638 | Recycled Post-it w Ruler (spiral)

STA8264 | Recycled Notebook

STA4416 | Recycled Mini Notebook with Pen

STA04316 | Memopad Set

STA03886 | Recycled Notepad with Pen

STA03694 | Spiral Notebook with Pen & Post it

STA3512 | Recycled Notebook (small) with Pen

PEN08634 | Click Pen

PEN08633 | Pen with Laser Engraved

PEN08632 | Pen with Stylus

PEN08631 | Pen with Stylus, Mobile Holder & Led Light

PEN08630 | Pen with Stylus & Highlighter

PEN08629 | Toolkit Pen

PEN03918 | Colored Pencil with Case and Sharpener (small)

MOB08642 | Mobile Holder

HME08610 | Stretchband/Cord

ELC08649 | Square Travel Adaptor

DSK08641 | Book Mark

DSK08626 | Notepad with Case

DSK08618 | Pen Holder & Paper Clip Box

DSK08617 | Magnetic Clip with Sticky Notes