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The most unique corporate gift concepts from Purple Tag. We prepared this collection of creative business gift ideas to help you show your appreciation to your clients, partners, and employees

HME09235 | Portable Air Purifier

HME09233 | Wooden Desk Organizer

HME09230 | Wooden Cheese Plate and Knives Set

PTX09226 | Coffee Press, Double Mug and Small Pack of Coffee Set

PTX09229 | Coffee Press and Double Wall Mug Set

ELC09000 | Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

HME08999 | Smart Bracelet

HME09222 | Wooden Gadget Stand

HME09204 | Serving Tray

PEN09200 | Pen in Wooden Case

PEN09201 | Wooden Type Pen

BAG09218 | Overnight Bag

BAG09212 | Transparent Tote with Leatherette Pouch

BAG09210 | Square Transparent Pouch with Handle

BAG09209 | Cosmetic Pouch

BAG09208 | Square Transparent Pouch

BAG09207 | Clutch Pouch

HME09161 | Wooden Tablet/Phone Stand

HME09168 | Wooden Mobile Stand with Key Ring

HME09169 | Wooden Mobile Stand with Key Ring

HME09182 | Sanitizing Bottle in Leatherette Pouch Capacity: 50ml

HME09164 | Wooden Laptop Stand

HME09163 | Wooden Laptop Stand

HME09167 | Wooden Laptop Stand (with die cut)