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The most unique corporate gift concepts from Purple Tag. We prepared this collection of creative business gift ideas to help you show your appreciation to your clients, partners, and employees

HME09144 | Cutlery Set in Acrylic Case

HME09143 | Cutlery Set in Bamboo Cylindrical Case

CMP09117 | Laptop Air Cooler

HME08995 | Foldable Cutlery Set in Wheat Straw Material

PTX09078 | Small Wine and Coffee Set

PTX09077 | Premium Coffee Set

ELC09073 | Extra Bass Headset

ELC09090 | Ring Light with Mobile Holder

CLO09070 | Outdoor Cap with Detachable Face Shield

HME08989 | Bucket Type Hat with Face Shield

HME09069 | Contactless Soap Dispenser

HME09031 | Ear Saver for Mask

HME06022 | Hand Stick Sanitary Door Opener

HME06000 | Keychain Door Opener

PEN09011 | Spray Pen

PEN09010 | Spray Pen with Stylus

PEN09009 | 3 in 1 Multi Spray, Mist Spray & Mobile Stand Pen

PEN09008 | Spray Pen

HME09072 | Wearable Air Purifier

HME09068 | Intelligent Sterilizer

ELC09052 | USB Hexagon Socket A universal power socket extension where you can connect or charge multiple devices or appliances.

MOB09048 I Adjustable Mobile Stand Make your movie watching or binge reading convenient. The mobile stand is suitable for phones and tablet PC's.

Phone and Tablet Stand with Magnifier | MOB09049 Enjoy a hassle free and comfortable viewing or reading with this phone/tablet PC stand with magnifier.