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The most unique corporate gift concepts from Purple Tag. We prepared this collection of creative business gift ideas to help you show your appreciation to your clients, partners, and employees

HME05813 | Touch-activated suction fan mosquito trap with soft night light function

TUL08186 | Personal emergency preparedness kit

BAG08185 | Soft leather check wallet with pen loop and card slots

BAG08181 | Soft leather pencil case with zipper and inside lining

BAG08182 | Soft leather travel pouch with snap button closure

MOB08093 | 2500mAh power bank with detachable 4GB flash drive

MOB08092 | Business card holder with 2000mAh power bank

MOB05678 | Wallet with 3000mAh power bank

BAG08096 | Aluminum card case with push-out mechanism

ELC08109 | Portable bluetooth sports speaker

HME05805 | Portable personal humidifier 

HME05804 | Compact dryer with hanger and shoe dryer attachments

HME05803 | Compact dryer with hanger attachment

HME05815 | Touch-activated desk fan

HME05810 | Leak-proof portable personal ultrasonic aroma diffuser and humidifier

HME05809 | Leak-proof portable personal humidifier 

CAR05812 | Car air purifier and aroma diffuser

HME05808 | Portable personal humidifier 

HME05807 | Portable personal humidifier

HME05806 | Portable personal humidifier

HME05811 | Car air purifier and aroma diffuser

CMP04330 | Pen-type mouse with laser presenter

TUL05764 | Tool Set