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The most unique corporate gift concepts from Purple Tag. We prepared this collection of creative business gift ideas to help you show your appreciation to your clients, partners, and employees

HME09032 | Contactless  Alcohol Sprayer

MOB09050 | Mobile Phone Stents

HME09027 | Portable USB Sterilizer

HME09030 | UV Multi-function Sterilizer

HME09029 | Portable UV Sterilizer

Foldable Shades | HME05856

Leather Cord Organizer | BAG08577

Travel Cord Organizer | BAG08578

Foldable Lunch Kit | BAG08475

Notebook with Enclosure (Small) | STA08427

Notepad with Post It and Pen Holder in Foldable Recycled Cube Case | STA08511

Notebook with Garter Enclosure ( Big) | STA08426

Leatherette Card Case (Small) | BAG08563

Insulated Tumbler | DRW08400

Collapsible Coffee Cup (350 ml) | DRW08544

Stainless Bottle | DRW08447

Generic Planner | STA08536

Leather Notebook with metal enclosure | STA08537

Notebook w/ Leather Cover | STA08514

Foldable Multi Function Sports Bag | BAG08472

Anti Theft Bag | BAG08456

Round Lunch Kit | BAG08526

Toiletry Kit | BAG08573

Accessory Pouch | BAG08522