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HME09027 | Portable USB Sterilizer

HME09030 | UV Multi-function Sterilizer

HME09029 | Portable UV Sterilizer

HME09003 | Nano Mist Spray

HME09017 | 3 in 1 Multi Charging Cable

HME09012 | Air Purifier

ELC09026 | Multi Socket and USB Adopter

CMP09025 | Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set

HME09024 | Headset

CMP09013 | Headphone

ELC09004 | Gadget Stand with Mushroom Type Lamp and USB Hub

BAG0900 | Digital Pouch Organizer

HME09011 | Foldable LED Light

HME09018 | Laptop Stand Creative Folding Storage Bracket

HME09010 | Foldable Laptop Table

HME09019 | Foldable & Adjustable Laptop Table

MOB09018 | Adjustable Mobile / Tablet Stand

HME09016 | UV Disinfection Bag

HME09015 | Mobile Smart Mask Air Purifier

HME09014 | Humidifier with LED Light and Fan

HME09023 | Contactless Alcohol Dispenser

A high-performance detergent that removes tough stains and food residue. It has an integral shine agent that keeps dishes sparkling clean, while conserving water with its built-in rinse and water softener so no need for a second rinse! Each bottle contains 30 power packed cleaning capsules.

Efficiently cuts through dirt and grease while remaining gentle on the skin. Multi-functional rinse-free formula that can be used for floors, table tops, glass, and other hard surfaces. Antibacterial, Anti-allergy, baby safe and 100% biodegradable. Available in Lavender, Lemon, and Lemongrass (anti-mosquito) variants. Each bottle contains 30 power packed cleaning capsules.

A spill-free, toss&go laundry detergent capsule with built in fabric softener. Designed to remove stain while remaining gentle on skin. Its 100% biodegradeable and does not contain harsh phosphates and parabens. Regular variant comes in either lavender or lemon scent while Baby variant comes in lavender scent Each bottle contains 30 power packed cleaning capsules.