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A silicone, gum like organizer used with different types of cables. Easy to hold and carry.

A portable multi purpose connector that can be held as a keychain.

A portable multi purpose connector made to be a go-to device whenever needed.

A connector that can be converted and be used with any mobile device.

STA08718 | Notebook with Pocket Cover & Inserts

STA08558 | Planner with Power Bank

STA08435 | Small Notebook with Enclosure

STA08431 | Non-Dated Planner (garter enclosure)

STA08429 | Non-Dated Planner (magnet enclosure)

STA08428 | Non-Dated Planner

PEN08720 | Click Pen with Mobile Stand

PEN08719 | Click Pen

MOB08673 | Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

MOB08492 | Monopad

MOB08461 | Wireless Speaker with Selfie Stick

MOB08404 | Power Bank Wallet

HME08531 | Metal Straw with Pouch

ELC08716 | USB Power Adapter

ELC08694 | Rechargeable Flashlight

ELC08533 | LED Flashlight

ELC08499 | Electronic Luggage Scale

DSK08692 | Plastic Pen Holder

DSK08640 | Card Case with Stylus Metal Pen Set

DRW08713 | Sports Bottle