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CMP09117 | Laptop Air Cooler

ELC09073 | Extra Bass Headset

ELC09090 | Ring Light with Mobile Holder

Universal Foldable Laptop Stand | CMP09046

MOB09048 I Adjustable Mobile Stand Make your movie watching or binge reading convenient. The mobile stand is suitable for phones and tablet PC's.

Phone and Tablet Stand with Magnifier | MOB09049 Enjoy a hassle free and comfortable viewing or reading with this phone/tablet PC stand with magnifier.

MOB09050 | Mobile Phone Stents With it's clean and sleek  appearance, appreciate using your phone more without hassle.

ELC09026 | Multi Socket and USB Adopter A travel sized multi-functional adopter with six USB Port and three socket slots.

CMP09025 | Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set Drop the struggle of wires and switch up to this professional-looking mouse and keyboard.  

ELC09024 | Headset Clear audio for your movies, music or calls.

Headphone I MOB09023 A headphone with a microphone.

Gadget Stand with Mushroom Type Lamp and USB Hub I ELC09004 A simple yet clean-looking lamp that also functions as organizer and powerbank for your smartphones or tablet PC's.

Digital Pouch Organizer I BAG09005 Keep and organize your cables, adopters, earbuds in one place.  

MOB09018 | Adjustable Mobile / Tablet Stand

HME09014 | Humidifier with LED Light and Fan Humidifier, light, and fan all rolled into one functional travel-sized device.

CMP08726 | Foldable Wireless Keyboard

ELC08549 Mini Blower Fan Sit and cool down with this aesthetically-looking mini blower fan.  

HME08317 | Personal humidifier

ELC08257 | Color-changing LED touch lamp with bluetooth speaker