Antigona Cord Organizer with 2 Slots for Cables in Synthetic PU Leather

Keep your electronic accessories organized with the Antigona Cord Organizer made of durable PU leather. The compact size makes it easy to pack in your bag and take with you on the go. It features multiple pockets and elastic loops to securely store your chargers, cables, and other tech accessories. With its stylish and functional design, this pouch is perfect for professionals who need to stay connected while on the move.

The Antigona Cord Organizer, the ultimate solution for keeping your electronic devices charged and organized. Say goodbye to tangled cables and lost chargers with this innovative and stylish accessory. Designed with functionality and convenience in mind, the Charger Rolls is perfect for the modern professional who is always on the go.

The Antigona Cord Organizer features a sleek and compact design that allows you to easily store and carry all your charging cables, adapters, and accessories in one place. No more digging through your bag or untangling cords – simply roll up the Charger Rolls and secure it with the adjustable strap for a neat and organized solution.

With multiple elastic loops and pockets, the Antigona Cord Organizer offers versatile storage options for different types and sizes of cables. You can easily separate and secure your charging cables, power banks, USB drives, and other electronic accessories, ensuring that everything stays in Place – is easily accessible when you need it.

Not only does the Antigona Cord Organizer keep your cables organized, but it also protects them from damage and wear. The durable and water-resistant material provides added protection, keeping your cables safe from spills, scratches, and accidental bumps.

Key Features:

  • Compact and portable design for easy storage and travel
  • Multiple elastic loops and pockets for versatile cable organization
  • Adjustable strap for secure closure
  • Durable and water-resistant material for added protection
  • Suitable for various types and sizes of cables and electronic accessories
  • Keeps cables tangle-free and easily accessible
  • Stylish and professional design
Price Range

P200 – P300, P100 – P200, Below P100

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)


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