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Calista USB Candle Lighter with Charging Indicator

The USB Candle Lighter is the cutting-edge solution to eliminate ignition woes. Traditional lighters are history; make way for a modern, eco-friendly approach to light candles, stoves, and anything that needs a flame. This sleek device comes with a built-in charging indicator, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark, literally or metaphorically. Whether it’s for setting a romantic atmosphere with candlelight or making your life more convenient by lighting up your stoves or fires, this lighter will revolutionize your ignition process. Effortless, efficient, and elegant ? those are the three words that best describe the experience you’ll get. Experience modern technology at its finest with the USB Candle Lighter.

SKU HME 09818 Category

Introducing the USB Candle Lighter, your modern ignition solution. Bid farewell to the age-old hassle of traditional lighters, and welcome a more convenient and eco-friendly way to light your candles, stoves, and more. This sleek and innovative device is a game-changer in the world of ignition.

One of the standout features of this lighter is the built-in charging indicator. It’s your indicator that you’re embracing modern technology. The last thing you’d want is to be left in the dark, literally! The indicator keeps you informed about when it’s time to recharge, ensuring you’re never caught off guard. This simple yet crucial feature sets this lighter apart.

With the USB Candle Lighter, you have a reliable companion whether you’re setting a romantic mood with candlelight or lighting a fire for a cozy evening. It makes lighting any kind of flame an effortless, efficient, and elegant experience.

Key Features :

  • Convenient and eco-friendly ignition solution
  • Built-in charging indicator to avoid running out of power
  • Perfect for lighting candles, stoves, and more
  • Modern, sleek design for an effortless and efficient lighting exp
Price Range

P400 – P500, P300 – P400, P200 – P300


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