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Leon Metal Push Pen with Acrylic Case

The Leon Metal Push Pen with Acrylic Case is elegance redefined. Encased in a transparent acrylic box, this pen marries style and function. Its silver metal body with a push mechanism ensures effortless, sophisticated writing. Customize it with your logo for a powerful promotional tool. This pen isn’t just for writing; it’s a symbol of quality and style, perfect for impressing clients, employees, and partners.

SKU PEN 04371 Categories , ,

The Leon Metal Push Pen with Acrylic Case stands as a testament to modern elegance. Encased in a transparent acrylic box, this writing instrument combines aesthetics with functionality. Its sleek silver metal body, with a push mechanism, adds sophistication and ensures a smooth writing experience. Glide effortlessly across paper when using this pen, making it perfect for signing documents or jotting down creative ideas. For promotional purposes, you can personalize it with your brand logo or message.

This top-quality pen is not just a writing instrument but a powerful tool for making a lasting impression on clients, employees, and partners. The Leon Metal Push Pen with Acrylic Case is a statement piece that conveys your commitment to quality and style. It’s a tangible reflection of your brand’s values and a token of appreciation that leaves a lasting mark.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: Metallic body for a touch of sophistication.
  • Premium Writing: Smooth ink flow for impeccable writing.
  • Push-Button Mechanism: Easy to use, no fuss.
  • Acrylic Case: Elegant packaging for corporate gifting.
  • Comfortable Grip: Ideal for long writing sessions.
  • Precision Engineering: The pen and case fit seamlessly.
  • Custom Branding: Personalize with your logo for added distinction.
Price Range

P100 – P200

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