Powell Wooden Mobile Stand Organizer with Pen Holder

The Powell Wooden Mobile Stand Organizer from Purple Tag. This multifunctional accessory isn’t just a stand; it’s a stylish and practical addition to any workspace. Crafted from high-quality wood, it provides a perfect perch for your mobile devices, keeping them within easy reach. But that’s not all ? the Powell Organizer also boasts built-in pen holders, ensuring your desk stays clutter-free and organized. When you gift the Powell Wooden Mobile Stand Organizer, you’re not just offering a convenient solution; you’re adding a touch of sophistication and efficiency to your recipient’s workspace. Choose Purple Tag for corporate gifts that make a statement of quality and style, leaving a lasting impression of thoughtful design and functionality.

The Powell Wooden Mobile Stand Organizer with Pen Holders, a versatile and elegant addition to your workspace or home. At Purple Tag, we understand the importance of staying organized in a fast-paced world. That’s why we’ve designed this multifunctional stand to keep your essentials within reach while adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.

The Powell Mobile Stand Organizer is crafted from premium-quality wood, offering durability and a timeless aesthetic. Its thoughtful design features dedicated slots to securely hold your mobile devices, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet. No more fumbling around for your gadgets; they’ll be neatly displayed and readily accessible.

But that’s not all. This organizer goes beyond just holding your devices. It also boasts built-in pen holders, ensuring that you always have a writing tool at your fingertips. Whether you’re jotting down notes, sketching ideas, or simply need a pen for quick tasks, this stand has you covered.

Furthermore, the Powell Organizer incorporates a cable management system, preventing annoying cord clutter and tangling. Your charging cables, headphones, or USB cords can be neatly routed through designated channels, maintaining a tidy workspace.

Key Features:

  • Premium Wood Construction: Crafted from high-quality wood for durability and aesthetics.
  • Device Stand: Securely holds mobile devices for easy access.
  • Built-In Pen Holders: Always have a pen within reach for notes and tasks.
  • Cable Management: Channels for organizing charging and data cables.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for offices, studies, or home workspaces.
Price Range

P400 – P500, P300 – P400, P200 – P300

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)


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